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Stadeum Sports & You

Intellectual Property

The Stadeum Platform is a technology which lets you create, organize and deliver your content to your audience: images, logo, videos, audio files, texts, you name it. You are and will always remain the sole owner of the said content.

No Ads, Aside from Yours

Stadeum Sports doesn’t and will not circulate ads on its behalf within your Application. When advertising is featured, it’s the campaigns which you’ve set up beforehand, thus generating revenue of your own.

No Branding, yours Aside

You are the one and only owner of your project; the Stadeum Platform is just the tool which allows you to bring it to life. No Stadeum Sports references are present within your Application.

Data Recovery

Content produced, or Data collected through Stadeum Platform belongs to you. If you wish to switch technologies and carry on your project elsewhere, you may export your data.

Clear Up-Front Pricing, No Surprises

Stadeum Sports offers non-binding yearly subscriptions. All pricing is up-front. There are no hidden costs upon using our cloud-based platform.

Reliable Architecture