Stadeum Media


Background Audio Playback -

Your Native Applications support audio playback mode, including when the Application isn’t in the foreground. This allows users to keep listening to your podcasts while using other Applications, for instance.

Customizable Audio Player

The audio player within your Application is customizable to your liking to guarantee the most immersive experience for your users.

Graphical Equalizer

Pages playing the podcasts integrate a graphical animation in synch with the broadcast sound.

Audio Player on all Pages (Web Wersion)

The audio player is available on all pages of your progressive Web Application.

Customizable Podcast Player

The player to listen to podcasts displayed within the Application is fully customizable.

Upload and Hosting of Podcasts

You can upload your podcasts directly to the Stadeum Platform, it is not necessary to use an external platform. They will be hosted and delivered directly to your users.

Buy a Podcast

You can display a commercial link for each of your podcasts to direct the user towards an in-store purchase.

Podcasts Illustrations

An illustration can be assigned to each episode of your podcast.

Detail View Templates

The detail view of each podcast episode can be customized once you’ve selected one of the 3 templates designed by our team of experts.