Stadeum Media

Reliable Architecture

High Availability and Capacity

Your Web Application is hosted on a technically robust infrastructure, equipped to serve more than a hundred million pages a month. Server redundancy prevents interruptions to the service.

Our infrastructure Designed to your Needs

We have several system administrators on the team whose mission is to design and manage our equipment and cloud hosting infrastructure. The infrastructure is designed to anticipate our clients’ needs, in terms of storage as well as processing power.

years of Experience

The Stadeum Sports technical infrastructure is the achievement of a cohesive team’s work, with over 15 years of expertise in the area of creating as well as hosting services in SaaS and managing all aspects of Social Media.  Our teams recognized within Facebook as a Media Partner and which this direct contact allows you all the benefits utilizing Facebook and Instagram as added media tools for your PWA or Native Application.

No Additional plugin’s

The Stadeum Platform includes the full range of mechanisms ensuring the performance and stability of your Native Applications as well as your Web Application. It is not necessary to rely on additional cache plugins.

Triple Data Backup

All your data is backed up daily, in 3 different geographical locations, to guarantee maximum continuity.

​Domain & SSL