Stadeum Media

Progressive Web App

Activate or Deactivate

You can choose to activate or disable access to your Web Application, at any time. When you deactivate your Web Application you can automatically redirect your users to download your Native Application instead, you have this control.

Customizable 404

The error page displayed when content is missing, or a link is incorrect can be customized to your liking. You can direct your users towards the most relevant destination.

Cookies Warning

Your Web Application uses cookies in order to deliver the best possible user experience. By default, Stadeum integrates a feature to inform them that the Web Application uses cookies. This alert can be 100% customized.

Publication Assistant

Before publishing your Web Application you will be guided through a few essential steps: setting up a domain name, activating an SSL certificate, defining your SEO meta-data. We’ve got you covered so that you don’t miss a thing, or our team of SEO Specialists will do it all for you to get the best optimization.

Angular 6.0

Your Web Application has been developed using the Angular 6.0 framework, the latest generation. It’s a guarantee that your users will benefit from the most advanced technology available.

Fully Adaptative

The design of your Web Application is fully adaptative, meaning that it is automatically configured to every screen size, from the smallest to the largest, without extra customization needs

High Performance 

We’ve taken into account performance requirements from the first line of code ever written for your Web Application. Everything is designed for fast display and stability, on top of which, performance tests are regularly conducted by our team of developers to maintain the same level of excellence.

SEO Friendly HTML Code

The HTML code of your Web Application has been designed to ensure optimal indexation by search engines. The page structure is already optimized and HTML tags are organized to facilitate screening by the engines, to highlight your content.

Quick Display

Your Web Application supports mechanisms designed to give your users a fast feel. Beyond performance optimization, it is designed to be displayed in consecutive layers, to match the look and feel of a Native Application.


All style sheets have been pre-processed with SASS to optimize loading time and compatibility with the different browsers on the market.

Server-Side Rendering

Your Web Application is served over servers which pre-generate the display for the client, thus minimizing network communications and increasing the level of compatibility with old browsers.


Your Web Application manifest allows installation on the users’ home screens if they visit your Web Application on mobile, as well as the customization of the behavior, along with an icon that can be added to the mobile device, launching screen, etc. This is a a way to encourage engagement and loyalize users.

Optimized Bundle

Before it is published, your Web Application is built, which contributes to compressing and optimizing the bundle of files which will be served to your users. For your users, only the essential part of the code will be loaded and read, to ensure fast loading and functioning.

Loading on Demand

Data is loaded only when the users request to display it, which ensures faster display and minimum data consumption for the users.

Material Design

Your Web Application complies with the graphical and ergonomic guidelines of Material Design, the latest standard for a growing majority of the web. Your users won’t be disoriented.

Native Application