Universitatea Craiova Fan Page

Universitatea Craiova Fan Page

Written on 06/26/2019
Stadeum Sports

How to manage the relationship with your Fan Clubs


The popularity of football as a sport is the most important characteristic of the king’s sport. In the last century, football became from a county sport to the most popular sport of the planet. Football has the capacity to bring people together, make them cherish or cry and create idols or death enemies.

Development of the technology changed how sports interact with fans. Social media put in hands of the sports clubs and football clubs in our case, powerful tools to communicate with their supporters. As any tool, social media channels have a lot of benefits and responsibilities to take into consideration.

In this article, we present you the story of Universitatea Craiova Facebook Fan Page and how Stadeum Sports manage the relationship between the admin of the pages and the club representatives.

Universitatea Craiova and the thirst for Social Media

Universitatea Craiova is one of the most beloved teams in Romania. The glorious past, the support of Oltenia's entire region and the success of the past few years have made the University a social pole.

Social media channels have begun to attract more and more interest from supporters who use them to be in contact with the club to comment and gather around the club. Grouping supporters in fan clubs is a mature form of football in order to provide organizational and representation power.

Soccer clubs have little control when it comes to how fan pages are created and managed. For clubs with a large base of supporters, Facebook pages can appear anywhere and at any time creating confusion.

In the case of Universitatea Craiova, bending and talent to facebook pages of a teenager has made it a short time for an unofficial Facebook page to become as big as the official page. We all know that the Millenials and Generation Z are masters of the social media.

The story of duplication of Facebook page of Craiova Universitatea

The official Facebook page of the Universitatea Club has recently been verified by Facebook Sports Partnerships with the help of Stadeum Sports and Liga Profesionita de Futbal. Until the page was verified, it was difficult for the Universitatea supporters to figure out which page was the official page to press the button like and follow.

The reason for confusion was threefold:

1. The official page was not verified.

2. There was a duplicated page with the exact same name of the Professional Football club and all the content was the same.  The admin was not creating new content but taking it from the official team site.

3. The Professional Football Club, Universitatea Craiova could not ask for deletion of the fake page because the official page was not verified and did not own the business manager's account.

So, Universitatea Craiova football club was in delicate situation. The fake page continued to attract followers because the posting strategy was a populist type and spread false news. False news strikes supporters and can negatively affect the relationship with the club.

Stadeum Sports reaches out to build a Relationship

Stadeum Sports is a Media Partner and that means it follows the Facebook Rules and Guidelines vigorously as set for all users. Universitatea Craiova did not have a verified Facebook page, so it could not prove that is the one who owns the name and logo on the Facebook platform.

The first step was to get ownership of the Business Manager Account and register the Professional Football club to be verified by Facebook as the authentic page.  Once this was completed a Stadeum Sports media consultant contacted the admin of the duplicated Universitatea Craiova page and arranged a meeting over a cold beer.

After a long discussion it was realized that this admin purchased the duplicated Universitatea Craiova page and also managed another page called Universitatea Craiova Fan.  On numerous occasions he tried to rename or merge the pages, but Facebook would not agree to this situation.  A solution needed to be resolved because both pages had a tremendous amount of reach with a combination of over 100K followers and let’s not forget the admin is a huge fan of Universitatea Criaova.

So, it was decided within Stadeum Sports to take on this task for Universitatea Craiova and resolve this issue once and for all.  The two fan pages where consolidated into 1 Business Manager Account, and applications where submitted to Facebook Media to have both pages names changed to Universitatea Craiova Fan Club.  Once this process was completed a final application was submitted to Facebook Media to proceed with the merge of the pages.

New Strategy for the Universitatea Craiova Fan Club

The Universitatea Craiova Fan Club decided it was time to change the whole strategy both digitally and socially.  The Fan Club needed to develop their own content that they can post to Facebook and engage their own fans with this content.  This is now achieved by using a Progressive Web Cloud-Based Platform managed by Stadeum Sports.  The content is easily added to the content management system and then shared to Facebook to be enjoyed by all the fans.  Revenue is generated by Google ads and a new relationship has just been introduced to the Fan Club – Facebook Audience Network.

Over the last 48 hours the Fan Club used the Stadeum Sports Platform to build a custom Android and iPhone Application.  Currently, the Android Application has been released and you can download and view the contents here Android Application

Motivation behind Stadeum Sports

Stadeum Sports was born out of a desire to digitize sports. We believe in the power of sport to change the world and we want to be part of the change. The world is changing every day, and we change it with it.

The impact of sport on the world is divided into several categories: social, economic, cultural and political. In order to contribute to the good work of the world, sport must combine several related fields.

We believe that digitization is a necessary feature of sport in the new coordinates of the world. For this reason, Stadeum Sports's mission is to contribute by digitizing sport to a better world.

The Stadeum Sports team is passionate about sports and digital, which has led to the birth of a common organization that responds to the need to digitize sports.

How can Stadeum Sports help you?

Stadeum Sports addresses football brands: federations, leagues, clubs and players for:

  • Setting up leagues business manager with all the clubs pages added
  • Give support to the teams in the process of applying for Facebook and Instagram pages verification
  • Give support to the teams in the process of managing the relationship with Fan pages
  • Setting up teams Business Manager
  • Setting the club's Facebook shop
  • Increased sales of club tickets using Facebook and Instagram
  • Supply a cloud-based solution to help manage their digital media such as website, mobile applications