Stadeum Media

Loyalty card

Collecting Points

The Stadeum Platform offers a loyalty card feature through which users can collect points—it’s entirely customizable from the back office.

Customizing the Card

The number of points per card can be customized along with the value associated with each point, used to calculate your return on investment.

Card Templates

Choose between 3 display templates for the loyalty card: round, square or counter.

Customizable Design

Styles, colors, fonts, icons, customize every last detail of your loyalty card.

Validation Processes

Define the validation process for the points collected through the loyalty card: QR code scan, manual check-in within a defined geographical area or link sharing.

Promotional Material 

For the QR code scan validation process, a printable sheet is available so that you can share the QR code with customers. The URL of the QR code is also available in your back office.

Managing Gifts once the Card is Completed -

Define the gift users will receive upon completing their loyalty card: title, description, content of the gift, expiration date of the offer, advanced design options.

Rewards History -

The user can access a history of redeemed rewards, with the date they were used, directly within the loyalty card section or from their user profile.

List of Available Rewards -

Choose between 2 display templates for the list of available rewards: list view or full screen mode.

Customizing the Rewards Design -

Styles, colors, fonts, icons, customize the visual look of rewards to the very last detail.

Customizing the Design of Confirmation Screens -

Customize the colors and fonts used within the action screens to redeem rewards: validation screen or error, QR code reading or usage confirmation.