Stadeum Media


Display Templates 

Choose between 3 display templates for the login page.

Twitter Sign in Native

Allow logging into your Application through Twitter.

Integrated Userbase

Your Application integrates an authentication feature to allow users to sign in and log in directly, without the need to rely on a third-party service.

Two Step Sign in Process

Collecting the user information required for the sign up is a 2-step process, in order to differentiate login information from contextual information requests.

Possibility to Access without Authentication

It is possible to make authentication optional to access the Application.

Possibility to Sign-up

It is possible to allow the user to create an account to access the Application or parts of the Application.

Terms of Use

Define the terms of use with which users must comply upon registering for your Application.

Sign up / Login with Facebook

Allow registration and login to your Application through Facebook.

Sign up / Login with Twitter

Allow registration and login to your Application through Twitter.

Customizable User Profile

You can customize the fields to display in the user profiles, as well as the way they are displayed within the Application.

Customizable Fields

Build the user profile of the members of your Application with customizable fields.

Mandatory or Optional Fields

Decide which fields are mandatory or optional within the registration process.

Public, Private or Invisible Information

For each field of the profile, define which are visible for all other app users (public), only visible for the user himself (private) and only visible for the Application owner (invisible).