Stadeum Media


Progressive Web Application

Stadeum Sports delivers Progressive Web Applications in Angular 6.0. This next generation of Web Applications allowing for a one of a kind reactivity and the most advanced user experience, on mobile and beyond, tablets and desktop alike.

Native App

Stadeum Sports delivers Native Applications in Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, to ensure the best user experience on each platform.

Unique Back Office

Take advantage of the most advanced management system on the market. The Stadeum back office is intuitive and lets you build, without any coding skills, a project equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology out there. A creation tool, as well as a one-stop-shop for managing and monitoring your work, it’s an unbeatable asset to make your project a success.

Custom Features

More than 20 advanced features can be added to your back office.  Select features based on your area of expertise or needs and organize your workspace accordingly, you’re in charge.

Stadeum Sports & You