Stadeum Media


Customizable NavBar

The NavBar is a strategic location within your Application. Therefore, you have complete control over its design and features.

Customizable Icons 

Each link added to your NavBar is assigned an icon. This icon is fully customizable.

Adding Shortcuts

The NavBar can display up to 6 shortcut links to key sections of your app or external sources.

Managing Shortcuts

Access to the customization of the look and feel of your NavBar shortcuts lets you maintain a coherent user experience throughout your Application.

Automatic Arrangement

Based on the number of shortcuts available in the NavBar, the best arrangement will be automatically managed by the Application.

Customizable Shortcuts

The design of each NavBar shortcut is customizable. Access a library of over 1000 vectorial icons, add your own icons and customize the link titles.

Effect Options

Apply transparency, blur or hiding effects to the header. These subtle effects can give your Application the final polished touch and set you apart from the crowd.

Automatic Effects Management

Effects are automatically applied to the header by Stadeum Platform based on the device and OS through which the Application is displayed.

Declinable Header Per Section

A specific header and related NavBar can be set up for each section within your Application.