Stadeum Media

General Design

Tailored to Each Device

The Stadeum Platform has got design fully covered from mobile to desktop. Our elements of design perfectly adapt to each screen size for consistent quality on each device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Global Style Tool

Manage your Applications overall style from one, single menu: the color theme, typography, action buttons, hover effects, and other elements. Create your design and apply it to the entirety of your app, in one click. 

Images Background Management

The Stadeum Platform lets you integrate images within your design and display them in the background.

Customizable Margins

Customize the margins of your project—horizontal for all screens, vertical only for mobile screens display.

Hover Effects on Texts

Add a Hover effect on your texts: underlining, brightening or darkening of the font color.

Hover Effects on Images

Add a Hover effect on your images: zoom in, zoom out or opacity.

Changing your Theme

You can change your theme in one click while maintaining your navigation mode and the overall architecture and content of your project.

A Solution for Each Purpose

The diversity of templates, as well as the variety and capacity of the customization options available, let you create an app tailored to your purpose.

Style Editor

Manage your styles at the global level in order to ensure a coherent design throughout the different views of the Application.

Regular Backup

The last 10 modifications applied to your design are automatically backed up. If a problem occurs, you can restore a version.

Modifications Log

The Stadeum Platform back office includes a log of modifications which lets you access a history of all the modifications performed on your project.

Updating the Design without Rebuilding

Updates related to the design of your project do not require you to rebuild your Application. Once approved they are automatically taken into account and visible for your users, without extra action.

Images Library

Store images in your personal library in order to easily access them for later use.

Selective Image Resizing

Images are resized to several ratios, compressed and cached to reach the best weight, performance and display quality combination. Loading times are optimized without jeopardizing display quality.

Monochrome Effect

Thanks to the image editor integrated within the Stadeum Platform back office you can add a monochrome effect on your images.

Blur Effect 

Add a blur effect to your images in one click, directly from the Stadeum Platform back office, thanks to the integrated image editor.

Zoom Effect

Apply zoom effects upon rollover on the images, on the desktop version of your project.

Icon and Splash Screen Generation Assistant

The Stadeum Platform back office offers a tool to assist you in creating your Application icon and launching screen from scratch.

Gradient Management

Integrate color gradients in your Applications design by choosing one from the full library (which uses the service). Once you've chosen one, the gradient is automatically generated and applied to your Applications design.