Stadeum Media

External Content

Adding External Content

Connect external content sources thanks to our catalogue of over 30 external connectors: Youtube, Dailymotion, Wordpress, Blogger, Flickr, SoundCloud, Google Calendar, Facebook Events, and much more.

Content Caching

Your content is pre-processed, compressed and cached by the Stadeum Platform in order to ensure the best loading time, display and stability for your users, without any server overload.

Image Caching

Your images are resized, compressed and cached by the Stadeum Platform in order to ensure balance between compatibility and performance for your users.

Content Synchronization

Content produced through an external source is synchronized with the Stadeum Platform, to be displayed in full while adapting to mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Advanced Content Filters

The display of externally synchronized content with Stadeum can be filtered based on specific criteria at the source, to be interpreted by the connectors.

Popularity Ranking

The ranking of external synchronized content displayed with the Stadeum Platform can be managed according to the popularity of the content at the source.

Content Pagination

To guarantee optimal display of external content synched with the Stadeum Platform, pagination occurs for a smarter management of pages.