Stadeum Media

Customized Navigation

Header, Body & Footer

Each navigation menu is made up of 3 distinct parts: Header, Body and Footer, each fully customizable. Displaying the Header and Footer is not mandatory.

Logo Display

Display your logo inside the header of your navigation mode, by uploading your logo or adding text directly.

Link to the User Profile

Add a direct link to the user's profile inside your navigation mode. Edit the text, icon and link color.

Adding Shortcuts

Add shortcuts within your navigation mode and let users easily access any section within your Application, an external link or even perform an action such as logging out, sending a text or an email.

Customizable Separators

Add separators inside your navigation menu and customize their color and pixel height.

Customizable Link Area

Build your navigation menu by adding links to sections within your app.


Add a copyright area within the navigation menu of your project. Select the color and text, as well as the font and font size.

Advanced Design Options

The Stadeum Platform allows advanced customization of the navigation menu design. Font, colors, alignment, icon, cell height, adding a title…

Menu Default Display

For the Swipe, Little Swipe, Grid and Slate menus select the default status of the menu: always hidden or always displayed when the app launches.