Stadeum Media


Coupons Management

Create and share your discount coupons. Manage them from your back office, easily edit their status, active or inactive.

Validation Processes

Stadeum offers two different validation processes for your coupons: redeem them through the app or use a promo code.

Advanced Terms of Use

Define the terms of use for your discount coupons: period of validity, number of times they can be used, and per client.

Coupons Categorization

Create categories for your discount coupons and choose between 3 display templates for the categories.

Advanced Design Customization

Customize your coupons by choosing an image, background color, as well as customizing the text font and color.

Coupons Geo-Localization

For each coupon you have the option to add a location, a useful feature in the case of several establishments.

Coupons Usage Statistics

Analyze the performance of your coupons through a statistics tool detailing the number of redeemed coupons, in calendar view, as well as according to your list of clients and who redeemed them.

Coupons List Templates

Customize the design of your coupons list and choose between two templates.

Managing the Info to Display in the Coupons List

Select which information will appear in the coupons list, such as the date of validity.

Advanced Coupon Page Design

Customize the design of the detail pages of your coupons by choosing the colors of each item and text, as well as the text fonts.

Saving a Coupon Feature

Your users have the option to save coupons for a later use.

A History of Redeemed Coupons

Your users can access a history of all the coupons they’ve redeemed.

A List of Saved Coupons

Your users have access to a list of available coupons which they’ve previously saved.

Customizing the Design of the Confirmation Screens

Customize the design of the confirmation screen upon using a coupon by editing the text and colors used.