Stadeum Media

Content Management System (CMS)

The Stadeum CMS

The integrated CMS lets you create any type of content directly from the back office: Articles, Videos, Sounds, Photos, Forms, Events…

Managing the Content Status

For all content created, pick a status: Published, In stock, Draft, and manage publications easily.

Delayed Publication

You have the option to delay the publication of content, by picking a future time and date.

Categorizing Content

Create an unlimited number of categories to classify your content inside a section and choose between 5 display templates for categories. Easily manage the activation and deactivation of each category and move items from one category to the other.

Content Sorting

For each section or category choose the sorting criteria for your content: by writing date, alphabetical order or even based on the number of comments.

Centralized Content Management

Access a dedicated page to manage all the content created using the CMS. This dashboard is equipped with intelligent filters allowing you to easily find the content you’re looking for.

Highlighting Content

Content which deserves highlighting within your Application can be identified as such within the CMS, when you create it.

User Profile

Content authorship can be assigned to a member of your team or to an external author.

Multi-Block Editing

You can structure the content of your articles into different types of blocks (text, photo, video, quotes,) which will impact the layout and ensure maximum display compatibility on all screen sizes.

Rich Text Editor

Writing blocks include a rich text editor to allow you to easily edit the layout of your page and enhance your text.

Content Geo-Localization

Assign geographical coordinates to your content for a possible map display.

Customized Date Format Display

Several date formats can be applied to time stamp your content. Pick the one which is most relevant to your audience.

Advanced Meta-Information Customization

The meta-information associated with your content is important for increasing engagement. You have full flexibility when it comes to the display of this information within your Application.

Advanced Design Customization

Design wise, all content produced through the CMS can be customized independently, regardless of the general settings applied throughout the Application.

Customizable Tab Style

When organizing your content into categories, choose the design of the tabs filtering access to each category.

Colors, Fonts, Alignment, Thumbnail Design

The design of content produced through the CMS is customizable up to the very last detail.