Stadeum Media


Comments Management

Manage your user’s comments through a dedicated interface. Check the author and content of the comment, the section it’s attached to, publication date, as well as status.

Moderating Comments

Activate the feature to moderate comments before or after they are published. Choose their status at any time: Published, Saved as Draft, Pending.

Notification When a New Comment is Added

Each time a new comment is added the app administrator can be notified via email.

User Authentication

By activating the authentication feature in your Application, when posting a comment, users are automatically identified by their profile if they are logged in.

Source Comments

When comment management is handled through your site, such as WordPress, your Application is connected in real-time in order to retrieve comments to be displayed. Comments are directly posted onto your site.

Disqus Comments

If you use Disqus to manage comments on your site, you can easily activate the Disqus module and integrate it within your native app as well as your Web Application. It all synchs in real-time.