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Motivation behind Stadeum Sports

Stadeum Sports was born out of a desire to digitize sports. We believe in the power of sport to change the world and we want to be part of the change. The world is changing every day, and we change it with it.

The impact of sport on the world is divided into several categories: social, economic, cultural and political. In order to contribute to the good work of the world, sport must combine several related fields.

We believe that digitization is a necessary feature of sport in the new coordinates of the world. For this reason, Stadeum Sports's mission is to contribute by digitizing sport to a better world.

The Stadeum Sports team is passionate about sports and digital, which has led to the birth of a common organization that responds to the need to digitize sports.

The story of League 1 Romania

Stadeum Sports's first step was to check all Facebook pages of football clubs in League 1 Romania. The elite of Romanian football needed a new approach outside the field in order to develop.

Stadeum Sports together with the Romanian Football Professional League organized a meeting with all 14 football clubs to prepare the Facebook pages for verification. For one day at the LPF headquarters, Stadeum Sports team worked individually with each team's representative to prepare each Facebook page individually.

Sports organizations differ as an approach to the online environment and must be approached differently. At the end of the working day at the LPF headquarters, all Facebook pages were prepared to apply the verification request.

At this time all clubs participating in the 2018-2019 season at the competition organized by the Professional Football League have been verified by Facebook. League One is one of the few leagues in Europe that has all the verified Facebook club pages.

Moreover, the Professional Football League has managed with the help of Stadeum Sports to have access to data on each club's Facebook page, allowing it to support clubs in the development process and to monetize a larger base.

The partnership between Stadeum Sports and the Professional Football League in Romania has provided the institution and football clubs with the advantage of implementing the latest Facebook features such as Top Fans, Branded Content, Attribution, Analytics, Pixels and Locations before any other sports organization.

The Stadeum Sports Team has teamed up with Ligue 1 clubs to prepare for online presence by offering support in changing club name, Facebook Shop setting, deleting club fake content pages, negotiating the relationship with Fan Page admins and designing the marketing strategy.

One of the priorities of the Romanian Professional Football League is to combat online piracy. Collaboration with Stadeum Sports has allowed the Professional Football League and TV rights partners to stop piracy on Facebook and Instagram platforms on the return of the 2018-2019 season of League 1.

For three months of combating piracy, Stadeum Sports has removed over 3,000 links that illegally passed matches from Facebook and Instagram platforms. All this has enabled LPF and its business partners to protect their rights and monetize their potential in a sustainable way.

The Professional Football League enters a new stage with the sale of television rights for the 2019-2024 seasons. Stadeum Sports will support televisions that will broadcast the League 1 matches for the next 5 seasons in the fight against piracy.